Online Jigsaw Puzzles & Mosaics

Our storable online puzzles and mosaics with up to 20532 pieces offer fascinating jigsaw puzzle fun. No more space constraints, you will never have to clear away your jigsaw puzzles and never again you will lose any jigsaw puzzle pieces. In addition to a great selection of images, that are regularly updated, you also can load up your own puzzle images and make them available to the other users as a jigsaw puzzle. Or you can visit our multiplayer jigsaw puzzles and solve a jigsaw puzzle in real-time with the other users. Month by month, millions of little jigsaw puzzle pieces find their place in the complete works in our Puzzle Lounge. Here, you can solve plenty of jigsaw puzzles and enjoy the relaxation while making the jigsaw puzzles.
Online games

Our online games are timeless and family friendly and therefore they are ideally suited for a little game for in between and for all ages. All online games have one ore more high score lists. Our ball games are especially popular among our users, but we offer also card and dice games as well as logic and strategic games. You can start playing the games immediately without registration and free of charge. Webmasters will find a part of the games available for them in our Download Area.
Game Lounge
You can participate in the ranking lists in the Game Lounge by registering for free. Your game results will be rewarded with emoticons. Special long-time games, such as for example Sobony, Skipy or Zoopoly are only available in our Game Lounge.

Tournament Lounge
You'll find even more excitement in our online games with the tournament games. Here, you'll play in small groups against each other. Only the two best players will enter the next round. After every round the online game will change. You gamble and bet for the good old Deutsche mark, but only for play money.